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Adding Style and Functionality through Popular Room Addition Ideas

Room additions are a great way to increase the available space of your house. It would also help you to increase the value of our home. When you’re looking to hire experts in room additions in Los Angeles, trust only in our team at Progressive Builders. Our in-house designer, architects and contractors have completed numerous projects, which gives assurance of their expertise and training.

Trending Room Addition Ideas

Choosing the right materials and designs ensures the success of a home remodeling or room additions project – apart from working with our team.

If you want us to install new flooring, hardwood floors have become increasingly popular these days. But if you prefer quick installation and more affordable options, we’ll go for equally durable substitutes. Laminate is an ideal material for any additional rooms as such rooms often attract a lot of traffic and laminate is resistant to stains, fading and scratches. Porcelain is also great option if the additional room would get wet a lot.

If you wish to remodel your children’s bedroom, we’ll finish off the wall with adorable wallpaper designs or cheerful paint colors. Either way, you can save on costs by shopping around for cheaper brands. But if you’re remodeling for a toddler, whose tastes change a lot, wall decals on a neutral paint color is perfect.

What other ideas do you have in mind? Whatever these are, our in-house designer will make sure these blend well with your home’s existing architecture and design. If these do, our room addition contractors in LA will incorporate them according to your specifications.