Pacific Palisades, CA

Pacific Palisades is a coastal township in the city of Los Angeles with a population of little over 27000 and it boasts of some of the luxurious private homes, cosy mansions, penthouses, spacious condominiums and apartments that are designed by some of the well known architects in California. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why there is a huge demand for home remodelers and renovation architects in this particular region who go on to create symphony in wood, bricks, concrete and sand that is a treat for the eyes. Progressive Builders, Inc is one such Pacific Palisades remodeller who has years of experience in remodeling kitchen, bathrooms, patios, garages and lofts through some of its leading craftsmen who are exceptionally deft at creating smart living spaces that is aesthetically beautiful and appealing. Today, solar energy is the best source of renewable energy in the US and we are also experts in solar panel installation service Pacific Palisades through our engineers who excel in installing solar panel on rooftops of homes and offices. When it comes to exceptional quality home remodeling and general roofing solutions, it is our company that helps you get a customized home renovation solution at an affordable cost.

Kitchen Renovation Pacific Palisades, CA

White Modern Kitchen RemodelWe go about the process of kitchen renovation in the most professional manner by overlooking the entire renovation and redesign work through our experienced supervisors who carefully examines the quality of work and materials used in the process of renovation. The first step is to visit your house, conduct a feasibility study, map the entire renovation area through exact measurement, learning about your cost estimate and finally jumping into the actual remodeling work that involves a series of activities, starting from dismantling a partition wall and create additional space to install modern kitchen appliances, storage cabinets, improved flooring and countertops that helps your kitchen look modern and complete. We are one of the leading experts in kitchen remodeling Pacific Palisades as we use the methods that are technically sound and proven.

Our expert team of kitchen remodelers Pacific Palisades fine tune their strategy before it starts to work on any kitchen redesign project by finalizing the design layout, master plan and the choice of building materials with the homeowner or client. It is really important to take the suggestion of clients who are the actual beneficiary of one such remodeling work and who are actually paying for it. We ensure that the materials have to be of the premium quality and also the kitchen appliances that are installed are of the ‘best-selling’ brands. This makes us one of the preferred kitchen renovation Pacific Palisades company among our esteemed clients.

Bathroom Remodelers in Pacific Palisades, CA

Our bathroom renovation services in Pacific Palisades ensures that your bathroom gets the type of look that you had desired by making use of the finest quality materials that is available and when the work is complete, it is one of a kind space in the whole of Pacific Palisades. Knowing your budget for one such bathroom remodeling Pacific Palisades work can really ensure that you get the type of look for your bathroom that you had always desired and opted for in the most seamless manner.

This goes on to explain our professionalism that we show for any constructive redesign work and the end-result is a stunning looking bathroom that has the best features which is complete in every aspect. It is no doubt why we are rated among the top Pacific Palisades bathroom redesign contractors who have the skills and proficiency to transform an ordinary looking bathroom into a grand and royal space by paying attention to all the necessary details that impact any constructive redesign work.

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