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Add Charm to Your Garage through These Remodeling Ideas

Garage is commonly found in almost every American home, especially in the suburbs. Considering the fact that a garage contains a lot of space, you can convert your garage into a space for doing something else than keeping your car. Progressive Builders is one of the true leaders in garage conversions in Los Angeles, CA. We have helped homeowners in LA and its neighborhoods to convert their garages into something truly beautiful.

You can utilize the space of your garage by making improvements for functionality and aesthetic purposes. When you’re ready to take on makeover projects, hire only the best builders in the area. If you are looking for the best services in garage remodeling in LA, you can trust Progressive Builders. We are capable of carrying out different projects with a great deal of efficiency.

Cozy Garage Remodeling Ideas

At Progressive Builders, we offer a range of ideas that would turn your garage into something more useful. For example, we can help to convert your garage into your office. We would give the interiors a complete makeover so that it looks professional rather than boring. We would make necessary electrical installations that would make your office complete. You can also turn your garage into a library. You can build a shelf into the wall which would give you ample space to store your books.

You can also turn your garage into a play area for your kids. Use exciting colors on the walls as that would liven up the space. You can use slides or a small jungle gym in your garage. However, you must make it a point to use soft, padded floors to protect your child from injury

If you want us to install new lighting fixtures, we’ll go for flush-mount lighting. It’s practical without looking ‘blah’. Considering the wide range of designs and materials, including porcelain and antique brass, available these days, it serves as a decorative piece as well. We can install it in the garage or anywhere with low ceiling.

These aren’t the only ideas we can incorporate. Work with our in-house designer to get the exact look you want. And our contractors will turn it into a reality. We ensure superior craftsmanship for our garage redesign services in Los Angeles. We are always here to help you out.