Exterior Home Renovations That Will Make Your Property Pop

The outside of your home is what boosts curb appeal. Wouldn’t it give you a great feeling to know that when people pass by your home they have to take a second glance at it’s beauty? If you need an exterior home renovation, Progressive Builders, Inc is the right team to take on for this job. With different services such as exterior painting, concrete work, and more, you can achieve the curb appeal look. In this post, we will share with you some simple exterior renovations that will spice up your property!

4 Simple Exterior Renovations

  1. Re-painting the outside of your home. Is it time for that fresh paint job? If you haven’t gotten a fresh coat of paint on your property in several years, chances are people passing by your house can probably tell. Due to natural weather conditions, paint stops looking fresh and new after a few years. Progressive Builders, Inc specializes in home painting, so this can be completed in no time. You can also get in on the latest trending colors from our expert design team, to give your home more spice. Another great part of new exterior paint is getting to paint the trims around your windows and doors for more detail. Usually, we suggest two different colors for the walls and the trimmings, that mesh well with each other. This will give your home great aesthetic details.
  2. Adding stamped concrete to your driveway. No one enjoys walking up a driveway that is falling apart and/or looks outdated. Driveways are a very important part of your entire exterior look, which could “make or break” your home’s features. Consider a beautiful stamped concrete design from Progressive Builders, Inc for a change. We have many different colors and styles that could be suitable for your driveway, as you won’t be limited to options.
  3. Next, adding some gorgeous landscaping can instantly brighten up your yard and add attentive detail. For example, creating a walkway of stones and beautiful rock can not only give your guests a way to get to the entrance of your home without using the driveway, but also provide a beautiful pathway leading up to it. Aside from a stone walkway, you can add some drought tolerant plants around the front for color. These will save you more money on water bills because they are susceptible to living with very little to no water at all.
  4. Adding big windows to the front of your home. Adding beautiful glass windows will make your home pop, look bigger, and bring in more light. Windows are a simple upgrade that can make a huge difference.

For a free consultation on exterior home renovations or exterior painting, give Progressive Builders, Inc a call today to get started!