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Home Siding: Research Shows That Vinyl Is Greener Than Other Materials

Siding: Research Shows That Vinyl Is Greener Than Other Materials

At Progressive Builders, we have always known that vinyl is one of the greenest siding material on the market. New research adds legitimacy to this notion. A recent BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) study reveals that vinyl has less negative impact on the environment than other siding solutions.

Let us examine how vinyl stacks up against other materials based on this report.

vs. Fiber Cement

Many eco-friendly siding and kitchen remodeling contractors would feel validated upon learning that vinyl and insulated vinyl are greener than fiber cement on all levels.

In the study’s non-carcinogenic category, both types of vinyl siding register an impact of just 1% of that of fiber cement. When it comes to ozone depletion and global warming impacts, the average effect of vinyl siding are only 19% and 21% of those of fiber cement, respectively.

vs. Cedar Board

Siding and bathroom remodeling contractors who read the report would be pleased to learn that vinyl has wins practically every category against cedar board.

The most notable stat is vinyl’s impact on eutrophication, the depletion of oxygen in a body of water due to excessive plant life. In this area, the effect of vinyl on this issue is just 13% of that of cedar board. Progressive Builders adds that the same observations are found in the smog, ozone depletion, acidification, and global warming categories, albeit the differences are higher.

vs. Brick and Mortar

Vinyl and insulated vinyl siding systems outperform brick and mortar in almost all categories. Siding and room addition professionals who saw the report would note that the smog category deserves more attention. The impacts of both types of vinyl in this area are 11% and 15% of those of brick and mortar, respectively.

There is no such thing as a 100%-green siding material—not yet. There is no denying, however, that vinyl is the most sustainable of them all. To get your home project started in Pasadena, CA, call Progressive Builders at (888) 201-1870 now to set up your free consultation.

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