Kitchen Remodeling: Adding an Island

Is your kitchen space much too small for comfort? It is very common for homeowners to feel stressed and overwhelmed with a tight space to cook in. This is why Progressive Builders, Inc, a kitchen remodeling company, is here to recommend building a kitchen island to give you more space and comfort! With the right kitchen renovation Los Angeles, you will be feeling much better about cooking in your home!

Benefits of a Kitchen Island

Most of the time, a custom island is built in the center of your kitchen. Not only does this look awesome and gives your kitchen space more character/attentive details, but it is very useful. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of a kitchen island:


  1. The first benefit is that you can use it as a second dining table. Most islands are big enough to add stools and high top chairs to one of the ends. This way, you can eat on your kitchen island comfortably, and have enough room to reach the food around you. This type of dining is made for “quick eating”or on-the-go meals. It is also convenient because you can put your dishes straight in the sink in your island once you are finished. Hosting a girls or guys night playing cards and having appetizers on your island while sitting on the stools would be a great idea!
  2. The second benefit of a kitchen island is that it gives you more room to place items. If you do not have enough storage space, this is the perfect place to put unwanted items. You can build cabinets within the island and tuck them away so they will not be in sight. You can also store your pots and pans on the island without making it look messy. The more storage space, the better!
  3. Third, you can add additional appliances to your island. You can start with building a second sink. There is always use for two sinks in a kitchen! This way, if you have guests over, you can place dirty dishes or food in either sink you wish to keep it out of sight. Being able to cook or wash your hands by the island is handy too. Besides a sink, many homeowners like adding an extra stovetop, oven, or microwave built into their island for more comfort.
  4. Lastly, this island is perfect for your children and guests! Your children can easily pass by the kitchen and grab something that is on your island. Your guests will appreciate being able to have horderves and wine right in front of them without your kitchen looking unorganized and crowded.  

For a free consultation on your new kitchen island, give our kitchen remodeling company a call! We would love to come out and meet with you.