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Doing a Home Remodeling Project? Follow These Safety Guidelines

Before you begin your new home remodeling project, it is important to prepare your family and follow valuable safety guidelines! Progressive Builders, Inc, a professional home improvement company, is here to share some helpful tips with you and your loved ones before the project begins. This will help you feel more safe and secure, until the remodel has been completed. Keep reading to learn about our safety guidelines!

Safety Recommendations

The first thing we advise you do is make sure your children and family members are out of harm’s way. There could be hazardous objects on the floors such as nails, hammers, sharp tools, etc. that could hurt someone if you were to step on or pick them up. Walking barefoot is a big mistake during a home remodeling project, because you could potentially get injured. Aside from hazardous objects, there can be toxins and bad chemicals in the air that are not safe to breathe. If your children are around it for too long, they may start to feel ill and may need medical attention. The same goes for your pets, they should be kept in safe places and away from all of the construction zones. It is easier for pets to eat things off the floors or lick things that they should not. This can make them sick, so keeping a good eye on them will be beneficial.


The second thing we recommend is to cover up all working areas. If you only have sections of your home that are under construction, blocking them off and putting coverings over them is suggested. Our team will do the best we can to cover the area, but you can take an additional step to block it off. Our team will take action to ensure that we clean up our working space after we finish for the day, and organize all of our belongings. Our team is known for being tidy and clean while working, so you may not even need to do anything after we leave.


Another thing we suggest is making sure your home remodeling company is covering up all your valuable items and furniture. This is very important, as you do not want to risk any damage done to the items that you love. The team at Progressive Builders, Inc will come in before we begin your project and cover all your furnishings up and tuck away valuable items. We take extreme precautions before beginning any type of construction work for our clients, and handle everything from A-Z.


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