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5 Home Additions That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

There are many reasons why home additions are a good investment. In addition to expanding your home’s living area, the right home addition can help increase its value. Read on as kitchen remodeling company Progressive Builders lists several home additions that can improve your home’s value.

  1. Outdoor Deck — Patios are ideal for outdoor areas with level ground. If your home happens to have a sloping yard, consider getting an outdoor deck installed. Outdoor decks are more adaptable in terms of design and can be built with multiple tiers. Wood and composite are two of the most popular materials used for building decks, each with its unique benefits.

  1. Attic Conversion — Attic conversion is a great home addition that doesn’t affect the home’s floor plan. Homes with steep-sloped roofs, as well as certain roof styles like gambrel or Mansard, are the best candidates for attic conversion. The attic space can be converted to a home office or room addition. To ensure compliance with local building codes, work with a certified contractor like us.

  1. Basement Conversion — Basements are scarce in Southern California, but in case your home does have one, consider converting it to a recreation room or an extra bedroom. If your basement has been in use for purposes other than a living space, a remodeling professional should first inspect the wall waterproofing.

  1. Kitchen Expansion — Kitchen remodeling is generally considered a remodeling project with high returns; expanding its floor area can significantly boost your home’s value. A kitchen expansion is best for kitchens with adjoining unused spaces. While expansion projects often require more work—in this case, a wall or two may need to be taken out—the results are often worth it.

  1. Bathroom Addition — Bathroom additions, even a service bathroom for guests’ use, are proven to increase home value. Alternatively, consider expanding the bathroom if it’s adjacent to unused areas, like the aforementioned kitchen expansion. Upgrading the fixtures to modern, water-saving options, as well as aging-in-place upgrades, can further increase home value for the long term.

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