Home Is It Time For a Roof Replacement?

Regardless of how old your home is and when you renovated it, giving it a proper roof repair or roof replacement could protect you and your wallet in the long run. Roofs always need some TLC from time to time, more specifically at least twice per year. If you have neglected your roof for quite some time, you should consider calling Progressive Builders immediately!

How To Tell

It is important to be aware of the status of your roof. Since this holds your home together, it keeps you safe and protected every day. More minor repairs can be done yearly such as fixing your gutters that most likely are clogged if not taken care of. This is something important that we highly suggest to our clients to do. If not done often, dirt, leaves, and debris can build up throughout each seasonal transition and potentially cause leaks. These leaks can get bigger over time, and spread throughout your property. Cleaning your gutters every 6 months will ensure that your gutters will not be clogged.


Next, have a specialist from Progressive Builders go up to your roof to take a look. If your roof has not been cared for in several years, you may have some missing shingles. Depending on how bad the situation is, we may be able to save your roof and repair the areas that need new shingles. If too many are missing in scattered parts, it can be easier and less of a hassle to just get a replacement done. Missing shingles are very common, so don’t feel stressed or frustrated if this is happening to your roof. It is mostly caused by natural weather conditions taking a toll and affecting your roof in different ways.


Another way to tell if you need a roof replacement is if it is not as durable when walking on it. It may feel more spongy, or bouncy rather than hard and firm. Roofs should never be spongy or bouncy, this means that it does not have all the support it needs to remain durable. This can too lead to roof leaks and potential damage to your home if not taken care of beforehand.


For a free consultation on our roofing services from Progressive Builders, give us a call today! We will be happy to schedule an appointment with our specialists.