Home The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Did you know that laminate floors have been extremely popular in Southern California over the last five years? Aside from their natural beauty, they have a lot of great benefits that you should consider. For both commercial and residential properties, laminate floor installations are the way to go. Progressive Builders will explain the benefits and why you should make the switch!

Laminate Floors For Residential Homes


The first main benefit of laminate floors are that they are affordable. It is less expensive than wood and a few other types of flooring options, which makes it more valuable to most homeowners. You could provide your home with more laminate because your wallet can handle it!


The second benefit is that it is an easy installation process. Our trained professionals at Progressive Builders can install them for you in no time, as we have years of experience doing so. If you need laminate flooring done as soon as possible, our team can try to make it happen for your home. Again, we care mostly about customer satisfaction, and if you have a deadline we try our best to meet  it.


The third benefit of laminate is the different options you can pick from. They are not just limited to a select few, as this can stress you out because of their limitations. With laminate, there are different colors and styles to pick from, so the options are endless. You can even decide to go with two different styles for different areas of your house, depending on interior aesthetic.


Lastly, these floors are very easy to maintain. All it requires are weekly sweeps to get rid of dust bunnies, and a wet rag over them to make your floors nice and shiny. Floor polishers are not required for laminate, which can save you a lot of time.


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