Home Patio Enclosures: Consider This Upgrade

Patio enclosures have grown extremely popular among homeowners in Southern California over the past years. This is because of all the perks that it brings to your home and your lifestyle. Progressive Builders, a patio enclosure installation company, is here to tell you all the perks of getting this upgrade for your home!


Perks of Patio Enclosures


The first main benefit of building a patio enclosure is that it adds home value. Since this upgrade makes your home look even better than building a regular patio, potential buyers would be willing to pay more for your home if it came equipped with an enclosure. This is a complete win-win situation, because you will benefit from this patio installation while you live at home, and if you decide to sell in the future, you will get money back for this upgrade.


The second benefit of patio enclosures is that you can relax on your patio all year long, through every seasonal transition. Because your space is covered, you do not have to hide indoors when it is pouring rain, cold, or windy outside. You can feel as if you are getting fresh air any month of the year. Most often, patios get wet from rainy seasons, or sometimes too hot from the harsh heat. Luckily, when your space has an enclosure, you will feel comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.


Third, patio enclosures keep out unwanted bugs and pests. Do you notice those small bugs, bees, and flies in the summer time? Covering your patio area eliminates these insects from getting into your home. This is also great if you have pets and small children, because this can irritate them and cause them to itch more than usual. Every homeowner wants a bug-free home, and now you can make it possible!


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